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Make an appointment and come by!

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Leenderboslaan 9

3451 HE Vleuten

phone: 0628534123

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday by appointment only!

Can be reached by phone between Mon-Fri 8:00 and 22:00

Sat-Sun 10:00 and 22:00

I take all the time for you!

Whether you are trying on a bikini for the first time or if you are an experienced athlete, I take extensive time to look for the most suitable bikini together with you! You can always bring someone with you, nice!

At the start I check the availability of the bikinis for your competition. This is how we avoid disappointments. While enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or of course a glass of water, I will let you try on various bikinis. From a hygienic point of view, you keep your own panties on when you try on the bikini bottoms. It is therefore preferable to wear the smallest possible thong so that you can hide the fabric under the pants. By the way, I always have fitting slips available.

The fit of the different brands varies considerably. It is therefore nice to put on several bikinis to experience what is most comfortable for you. Because besides the fact that the color should be to your taste, a good fit is the most important thing. You should feel comfortable in your bikini and be sure that it brings out the best of your physique.

Don't be afraid that with a smaller cup size you will have to rely on a limited selection of bikinis. On the contrary. I know different techniques to create a full cleavage even with a smaller cup size .

Are you finally hesitating between bikinis? No problem to put them on again, take pictures and compare them very critically...

Is there a bikini for you and you decide to rent it for your competition, then it's time for some paperwork. I explain how it works with shipping and returns and we sign a rental agreement. I do not ask for a deposit, but a deposit of €50 to secure your reservation. Don't panic, you always have a week to think about it. If you cancel the reservation within a week, you will receive your deposit back. You only pay the remaining rental amount when the bikini is sent to you. If you want to come by later in your prep to try on your bikini again, I will of course be happy to make time for that!

It feels like my job to advise you as best as possible in order to achieve a beautiful overall picture and let you literally and figuratively shine on stage. That is why I am happy to advise you without obligation in the field of competition jewelry. I have a large collection of earrings and bracelets. From very popular items that you see a lot to unique jewelry in matching colors of your bikini. I have everything to complete your look!

Enthusiastic? App me for an appointment: 06-28534123

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