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Looking for custom made bikinis?


Looking for high quality bikinis with beautiful designs? We offer luxurious bikinis starting from €350. Choose from our bikinis from stock or contact us to help you create the bikini you desire!

Orange competition bikini
* All bikinis shown on this page are made in our studio.


Our bikini's come in 3 levels:

Level 1 €350 - €400

(100% replica)

Level 1 bikinis are covered with the best quality replica stones. These acryl stones look a lot like real crystals but are a lot cheaper. They are really shiny and your bikini will have a luxury look regardless. The price is indicated by the level of your design. A bikini in 1 colour is €350 the price will increase when your bikini needs multiple colours and a more difficult design.

Level 2 €400 - €475

(mix up to 50% replica and Preciosa/Swarovski)
Both Preciosa and Swarovski have some colours that are unique. and are not available as a less expensive replica. Thats why we sometimes need to use stones of these brands in order to achieve a certain look or gradient. In this case we use both replica and Preciosa/Swarovski crystals. Level 2 bikinis are bikinis with these mix of crystals up to 50% of the crystals are Preciosa and/or Swarovski.

Level 3 €475 - €550

(at least 50% of the crystals are Swarovski/Preciosa)

Does your design require a high amount of Preciosa or Swarovski crystals? Then your bikini qualifies as a level 3 bikini. These designs are the most luxurious kind of bikinis we create. The price increases up to €550, depending on the difficulty of your design.

- A small surcharge is charged for the use of connectors.

Prices mentioned above are excluding shipping cost. More information about the shipping rates can be found here.



*Bikini shown are both made by Competition Bikini.

Our general terms and conditions apply on all custom made stagewear.