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Looking for custom made bikinis?


Looking for high quality bikinis with beautiful designs? We offer luxurious bikinis starting from €400. Choose from our bikinis from stock or contact us to help you create the bikini you desire!

Orange competition bikini
* Bikinis shown are made by Competition Bikini.


Our bikinis can be divided into 3 levels:

Level 1 €450 - €500

Level 1 bikinis are made with the best quality replica stones. These glass or acrylic stones resemble the stones of the well-known brands, but are a less expensive. These stones also have a beautiful sparkle and your bikini will get a luxurious look. In addition to the type of stones, the pattern also determines the price. A bikini in level 1 has 1 color or only a small color detail. If you want to add connectors to your bikini, the price goes up to €500.


Level 2 €525 - €575

Do you prefer a bikini with more color shades or a more complicated design? Then choose a bikini in level 2. A bikini with a more complicated pattern or with a large color mix is more intensive to make. Level 2 bikinis are our most chosen option.


Level 3 €600 - €650
Do we need a large amount of Preciosa and/or Swarovski stones for your design and/or do you have an exceptionally large cup size? Then your bikini is a level 3 bikini.

MADINA BIKINI price on request (average from €700).

Madina Bikini is haute couture within bikinis, Competition Bikini is the official business partner and reseller of this Russian brand. Madina Bikini's unique pieces are made from the highest quality fabrics and stones and are made with care by our Madina Bikini team in St. Petersburg. In addition to bikinis, we also offer monokinis and Madina Bikini dresses. Madina Bikini is very populair in Russia and is known for her eye-catching designs and her major influence as a trendsetter within the Fit Model category.

Interested in our bikinis?
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