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Looking for custom made bikinis?

In August 2019, Competition Bikini launched her own line of competition bikinis. Our studio offers beautiful hand made bikinis made with high quality materials for a competitive price. Our collection starts from €500.


We are here to help you create your dream bikini. If you have a unique idea, we are happy to help you develop a custom made bikini. Or get inspired by the existing designs below, you can always adapt them to your wishes. All designs can be applied to bikinis for IFBB or NPC (and other federations). Connectors can be added as desired and are available in different variants and in both silver and gold.

Take the first step today to make your dream come true by filling out the contact form below. You will receive a response within 3 days.


​From January 1st 2024.

All prices mentioned are starting prices, prices for additional options are mentioned below..

Additional options:

Connectors on cups: +€25

Connectors on bottom: +€25

Anti-gap: +€15

Cups larger than our 4 regular used sizes. (For cup sizes E and above, implants over  500CC): +€35

Interested in our bikinis?
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