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Competition Bikini is a very obvious name for a bikini brand, I know. But it's not without reason. After all, that is what you're looking for when you go on Google or type in a keyword on social media in search of a new competition bikini. I wanted you to find me, and here you are!

My name is Daphne, I am an athletes stylist, a profession of which you might not have heard before. Maybe it's because I created this profession for myself. I style female athletes since 2017 and my job is bedazzling!

It all started when I went on stage in 2016....

Looking back on my first competition I couldn't have picked a worse competition bikini. The colour was pale, the type of fitting did absolutely nothing for my proportions and my waist looked straight and bulky. There were not so many bikini designers at that time, and even less designers who looked beyond the bikini itself. Every athlete was givin the same type of bikini, with the same type of fabric and the same type of silver stones. And do not make the mistake of thinking bikinis were a lot cheaper back than, they were not!

I continued to compete, but after the second hideous bikini I decided that we needed a change. I started to see how fitting, colour and design could make a huge different. These aspects should not be taken lightly and picked randomly. I started a rental service, mostly with beautiful Russian style bikinis. Within 3 years I had around a 100 bikinis from over 10 different brands. I followed multiple online courses and watched a countless amount of competitions just to understand more and more about the image and the presentation of an athlete. I became a bikini stylist, I can show girls exactly what they need to highlight their best features like long legs, a small waist but also how to mask any lesser features. Like a straighter waist, a long midsection, not so wide shoulders or even short legs.

Because of this I prefer to work with absolute top quality stage wear. In 2020 I partnered up with one of Russia's best bikini studios and I still work with them to this day. But a year prior to that I started my own brand named 'Competitie Bikini' (Dutch for Competition Bikini), that was made in Moscow. I wanted to create a brand that was affordable and looked like a million dollar. I started designing competition bikinis for all female categories even Fit Model, the category I now compete in myself. The past 2 years I learned a lot. About stones, about fabric, about the small details that makes a bikini so comfortable to wear. I cheered, I cursed, I grew.... And I got to the point that some of our most successful national athletes trusted me to put together their look for some international competitions, I have seen my work in top fives multiple times!

"I want bikini cups without awkward gaps that result in stage photo's you rather not share"

When Covid-19 regulations in my country kept me from working with clients and resulted in cancelling all our national competitions, I finally had the time to look at my brand with an objective eye. I wanted to optimize my bikinis and because I know so many brands I picked the best features and mixed them together. I changed my team of seamstresses and took a giant leap in quality. Our current production studio is in Ukraine.


The funny thing is, I never sewed a bikini in my life. This is done by professionals who have a lot of experience in making stage wear, such as competition bikinis aswel as dance wear. They can sew bikinis exactly how I want. And I sure do know what I want. I want perfect colour gradient, I want bikini cups without awkward gaps that result in stage photo's you rather not share, I want beautiful cleavage even with smaller natural breast, I want bikinis that draw attention in a good way, but most important... I want you to feel absolutely confident when you put on your Competition Bikini!

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