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Practice Bikinis

(bikinis without stones)

The basic bikini (often called posing bikini) is an indispensable tool during competition preparation. The posing bikini is made in the same model as a real competition bikini, but without stones. This makes it many times more stretchy than a bikini with stones and it is variable in size. However, there are athletes who prefer a second bikini bottom that we make slightly larger, so that it is also comfortable in the offseason and provides sufficient glutes coverage.

Use the posing bikini for (photo) check-ins with your coach, so that you always wear the same bikini that compliments the body like a competition bikini does. In addition, you can of course use it during posing practice. This prevents your competition bikini from getting unnecessarily dirty and losing its stones.

Of course you can also buy a basic bikini to glue on stones yourself. Please indicate this when ordering, because a bikini that you will wear to the competition must really be tailored to your physique in prep. For this we like to use some specific sizes, so that your bikini shows the best of your physique on competition day.

The posing bikinis are very popular and therefore not always available from stock. You can always order it in the color and sizes you desire. You can order a posing bikini or inquire about the bikini available from stock via Whats-App 0031628534123.

The posing bikinis can be washed by hand.


Recently my posing bikinis have been given a quality boost. The bikinis have improved on at least 5 points.

1. We use luxury fabrics from the Chrisanne Clover brand. This brand is a well known name in the dance world. Chrisanne Clover supplies beautiful velvet fabrics with a silky finish that are stretchable in multiple directions. This ensures that the bikinis are flexible and variable in size. This way you can wear your bikini in bulk and during prep.
2. The beautiful preformed cups create a beautiful cleavage, even if you have a smaller cup size.

3. In addition, the cups are standard equipped with an additional push-up that is easy to remove or placed by using a click system.

4. Both the bottom and the cups are provided with a non-slip band so that the bottom remains neatly on the hips and the cups continue to fit well in every pose.

5. The finish on the inside is just as representative as the outside. This ensures a long life for your posing bikini.

A basic bikini is available for €115,-* + shipping and a dustbag (storage bag). It comes with 1  bottom. Would you like a second one to wear during your bulking period or because you expect to lose a lot in hip size? For an additional cost of €50 we supply an extra bottom. For example, one that is slightly larger and provides more glute coverage.

* For bikinis with rhinestone connectors we charge €10,- extra.

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