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Why you should use a practice bikini.

Let me tell you about the benefits of a posing (practice) bikini. The posing bikini is the exact same bikini as a competition suit, but without crystals. It’s made with the same fabric and in the same style and fit as our competition suits. The main reason we started selling this type of bikini in 2020 was for posing practice, but soon we found another really important purpose for this bikini.

Check in and progress photos.

The best way to keep track of your physical progress is to take weekly progress photos. You probably have to send these to your coach as well. But if you wear different clothing or underwear every time you make a photo, that can really affect the way your physique shows. Minimize affecting factors by wearing your posing bikini every time you take progress photos so the different fitting of your underwear will no longer affect the way your body shows*. You can now compare photos that are the same each week. 

*It’s also important to use the same background and similar lighting for each photo.

Posing practice.

Posing practice is one of the most underrated aspects of our sport. Learn how to properly and correctly show off your physique in the correct mandatory poses. The best way for your posing coach (and for you if you make videos) to see all the details is when you wear what you would wear on stage. A posing bikini is the exact same bikini but without crystal stones and the bottom can be easily washed*. Also it allows you to become more confident wearing such a small piece of clothing around others, this can really help you feel less insecure when you are on stage wearing your competition bikini.

*To minimize the chance of losing crystal stones or getting dirty, we don’t recommend using your competition suit for posing practice. Of course if you have one you can use your competition bikini for both taking pictures and posing practice, but the chances of

losing crystals increase when you wear it often and washing a bikini will negatively affect the glue of the stones. Also wearing your competition bikini should feel special, so it’s best to minimize the times of wearing it and keep it for your big day!

Interested in ordering a posing suit? Click here for more information.

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