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Things to consider: The color of your bikini

When it comes to stage wear, one of the biggest challenge for most athletes is deciding on the color. What is the best color on stage? What color goes best with your hair, eyes, skin tone... Here are some things you might want to consider.

The biggest mistake I've made when ordered my bikini, was picking the wrong color. It was made out a pale silverish fabric covered with some Clear AB stones. I was in love with the concept, but it turned out a nightmare. Looking back, it was quite an accomplishment to pick out a wrong color, but I made one big mistake. Silver is hardly a color and therefor it did not stand out, it wasn't appealing at all. When we pick a color for a bikini we want it to be vibrant, we must make ourselves appealing and beautiful, like a peacock.

How to pick the color of a competition bikini.

A common misconception is that you should match the bikini to the colour of your eyes. But this is not a factor when it comes to picking the color of your bikini . Because of the heavy make up (including fake eyelashes), the bright stage lights and the distance we wont be able to tell what color your eyes are, not even from the judges table. What you should take in account is the color of your hair and your skin tone. Of course all light skinned athletes will be up to 5 tones darker because of the tanning, but if you have an ebony skin color you best stay away from very dark shades, like emerald, dark blue, deep purple or even black.

Hair color.

If you want to pick out the color based on what matches best with your hair color, here are some guidelines.

  • Brunettes look very nice in dark blue, green, purple.

  • Blondes have an easy pick, since almost everything goes with blonde. Pink, (light)blue, red, orange, turquoise... Very light blonde also goes really nice with black.

  • Redheads rock the stage with emerald, burgundy red, deep blue and gold.

Notice how I didn't mention fancy hair colors like pink or purple? That's because those hair colors are not preferred on stage.

Stage backdrop.

Something else you might one to take in consideration is the stage's backdrop. Some competitions have the same sort of backdrop. If that is for example light blue, you might not one to wear a light blue bikini since it'll have little contrast with the backdrop.


Although an all red bikini looks very elegant, bikinis consisting from only one color mostly look less appealing and less luxurious. My advise is to work with a gradient. For example start with a darker shade at the lower part of the cups and work your way up with lighter shades or even other colors. For IFBB competitions the most populair look is a bikini that contains multiple shades and colors. At the NPC we see more bikinis that contain from 1 colour but with different shades.


It's this year's (2024) trend: pastels. But these shades are tricky. These colors are less vibrant and can make you look pale. Your tanning should be on point and it might take an extra layer of tanning (and good priming with Pro Tan Overnight Color Base). If you have very light blonde hair or an ebony skin tone and dark hair, I would not recommend these shades. That other populair trend with neon colors? That's your go to!

Match your confidence!

Bottom line, there is no best color when it comes to your bikini. However, pick one that you feel most confident in, but don't stay in your comfort zone too much. If you usually wear black, it might feel safe to wear black on stage but have you ever see a black peacock? Of course some athletes will absolutely blow us away in black but they might have other features that make them stand out, like excellent posing, or a platina blonde coupe.

Looking for a bikini and not sure what color to pick? Contact me and leave me your instagram @, I will have a look at your photos and will give you some suggestions on a color and look that will make you look and feel like a champion!

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