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The Hybrid Bikini, the allround bikini!

Recently we got an order for a bikini, but the athlete wasn't sure in which category she would end up competing in. It's not uncommon for athletes to not know if they are gonna end up as a Women's Bikini athlete or if they need to switch to Body Fitness. This can be quite stressful since both have different types of bikinis. Body Fitness requires a crossed back suit and Bikini and Wellness have both regular bikinis.

If you order a regular bikini and you happen to end up being a better fit as a Body Fitness athlete, your bikini needs some alterations. This is not something you want to worry about in your final weeks of prep.

So we came up with an idea. We created the Hybrid bikini. One that can be altered from crossed back suit to a regular bikini within seconds. All you need to do is remove two straps that are connected with buckles. Once removed the remaining parts can be connected to each other and the girth of the bikini is adjustable.

We will save you from last minute stress for altering your bikini or spending a lot of extra money on a different bikini. The Hybrid option is an additional option and can be applied on your bikini for €50.

In case you might need an extra bottom too (with different glute coverage), you can add a second bottom to your order for €250 (any design), within 3 weeks after placing the original order. If you order a second bottom at a later moment the price of the bottom will be 50% of the total price of your bikini.

Watch the video to see how you can benefit from a hybrid bikini.

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