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Our renting service is an exclusive service for athletes from the Netherlands and Belgium only . It is a less expensive alternative to buying a bikini. Our collection of rental bikinis consists of more than 100 bikinis, dresses and fit model suits from over 10 different brands. In addition to our own brand, we also rent bikinis from other exclusive brands such as Madina Bikini, SV and Bedazzled by Manouq. The bikinis in the rental collection are not old or out of fashion, in fact many of them are recent and current models from the current collections of the well-known brands. We have rental bikinis for all ladies fitness classes, including Body Fitness and Figure.

If you want to rent a bikini, I kindly invite you for a fitting appointment without any obligation so that you can experience for yourself what is comfortable and what kind of bikini suits you best. During this appointment I will take extensive time for you and show you what suits you best based on examples.

Because our range consists of a large number of items and is also regularly replenished, keeping up with the collection on the website has become a time-consuming job. That's why only a small number of bikinis are shown on the website

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